Super Lightweight, Telescopic, 2m Village Green Markers

Your simple village-green marker for ensuring others stay out of your 2m safe zone

Simply set up and leave in-situ or use to mark your safety zone in the grass

sm village-green markers

Available as an individual village-green marker or in in packs of 2 or 4 in Standard Black and Yellow, NHS Blue and White and Stay Alert Green and Yellow.

village-green marker
Standard Village Green Marker

NHS village-green marker nhs
NHS Village Green Marker

Stat Alert village-green marker stay-alert
Stay Alert Village Green Marker

A full 2m when extended but folds down to 700mm x 65mm x 13mm for easy carrying and storage

Select colour when ordering (New colours coming soon, ask us about our Rainbow Village Green Markers)

New Products coming Soon

Park Markers, Beach Markers, Nightclub Markers, Pub Markers, Restaurant Markers

Latest Village Green Marker Reviews

“excellent service and excellent product, arrived just in time for our bank holiday trip”

Dominic C

“Fantastic, keeps the chavs out of our space”


“I initially wondered why the colouring was on the bottom until my daughter said I was holding it upside down, the instuctions could have been clearer. Apart from that it’s lovely – will you be making them in pink and puce?”


“The website says it is 2m long, mine was only 1.98m – very disappointed, had this been made in Scotland it would have complied”

Nicola S

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