Best Digital Marketing Tools for Removals Companies

The technological era we live in has brought numerous changes in the way we do business. No business is bound to succeed without a sound online marketing plan which can tackle the most critical marketing problems. An immense number of companies invest time, knowledge, and energy to gain and retain customers by using the Internet, so it does not surprise then that business owners strongly believe a proper marketing strategy is one of the key elements necessary to reach their ultimate goals.
If you are in the moving business, we offer you a list of the best digital marketing tools you can use to boost your online presence, reach a wider audience, and exploit all the possibilities social networks offer. Study the list carefully and then introduce the necessary changes in your everyday practices.

Email marketing tools

Email marketing is a vital component of digital marketing, as it brings the best results to your business. The modern generation, widely known as the generation of millennials, spends hours going through their emails on a daily basis. Add the same everyday habits of other generations and you get a clear explanation of why email marketing tools are among the most helpful for your business.
How can your moving business, or any other for that matter, benefit from email marketing? The answer is very simple. Firstly, you can send targeted and highly personalized emails to your current clients. Then, you can improve your brand recognition and boost credibility among your target audience. Finally, it helps you to use your time and budget much more efficiently.

So, here are some of the email marketing tools you should consider for your moving business.

MailChimp is among the best email marketing tools available in both free and paid versions. The option you will choose greatly depends on the size of your mailing list. This platform is very easy to use so it is an excellent starting point if you are new in the field. With MailChimp you can send automated emails to your clients at a specific time and also get a thorough analysis that shows points in your marketing practices that need improvement.

Emma is short for email marketing. It is a platform with powerful features that help to create and then test your email marketing strategies. The platform helps business owners understand the behaviour of their customers, which eventually results in much better customer service. Emma offers A/B Content Testing, Dynamic Content blocks, and its own application called Metric that you can install on your mobile phone to check the performance of your marketing campaigns wherever you are.

Social media tools

Social media is becoming one of the most powerful channels to advertise your moving business, present the services you offer, and reach your current and prospective clients. With social media tools, you can analyze and then reconsider the marketing strategies you use and even synchronize all the messages you post on each and every social media channel. Here are some of the tools that deserve your attention.

Nanigans is a multichannel advertising tool primarily focused on Facebook marketing, though it also includes tools focused on Twitter and Instagram as well. Nanigans software makes targeting much more efficient as it helps owners of moving businesses identify and understand the behavior of their clients on these social media platforms.


Buffer is everybody’s favourite when it comes to social medial tools. It is very easy and convenient to use and hence highly helpful for those who are just starting to develop their moving business. If you are in the process of organizing and planning the right timing for your posts on social media channels, all you need to do if you use Buffer is to draft these posts for later. Then, when the right time comes, you can post the desired content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you want.

Content tools for marketers

Relevant and engaging content is the core of a successful digital marketing strategy. The two key factors to bear in mind regarding content are creation and curation. To help your digital marketers handle these tasks successfully, we suggest the following tools.

Landscape is an excellent social media image resizing tool which guarantees each of the images you combine and post with the relevant content will be of the right size for the social media network you are using.

With Feedly, you can choose a great variety of posts, publications, and topics related to the moving industry, common moving problems, the latest trends, and so on. An important benefit is that Feedly can aggregate the content from the chosen websites into a feed you can later share with your prospective, current, and former clients.

Customer services tools

Exceptional customer service is the top priority of any business, not just the moving industry. It explains why CRM is widely used in the moving industry as software that can help moving companies keep their existing clients and gain some new ones as well. In addition, here are the customer service tools you might find very effective.

Zendesk is a tool you can use to respond promptly and properly to all of your clients’ needs and requirements. Zendesk aggregates all of your communication channels into a single one. Consequently, you can easily and quickly respond to emails, chats, or phone calls.

LiveChat significantly facilitates communication with your website visitors. Your representatives can instantly answer all the questions and remarks of your potential clients. This is a great help for achieving effective communication.

Analytics tools

A great majority of the digital marketing tools for your moving business we have listed so far have built-in analytics. Analytics is very important as it provides you with detailed information about the regular behaviour of the visitors to your website.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free platform you can use to gather all the information available about your website’s visitors. It can be set up to track conversions and events in order to provide you with information on user engagement. Google Analytics will tell you what kinds of messages best suit the interest of your audience, what content they prefer, and their attitude toward the content they receive.

Statcounter is a great tool for monitoring website traffic on a daily basis

SEO tools

When listing the best digital marketing tools for your moving business, we cannot but mention SEO tools. These tools, however, cause great confusion, and an immense number of business owners, regardless of their industry, need the help of professionals who can provide them with exceptional SEO services. To simplify SEO, there is a vast number of tools, and here are our top two picks.

Moz is actually available in two variants – Moz Local and Moz Pro. Moz Local helps with improving your local SEO listings while Moz Pro helps with rankings, link building, and content marketing strategies.

SEMRush is the number one SEO tool to use if you want to track your competitors. It can provide you with the information on your competitors’ backlinks, your fluctuations in ranking, and perform a complete competitive analysis for you.

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