Change of use of an Agricultural building at Honington Refused

I see the Change of use application for the barn on Fell Mill Lane Honington has been refused.

Looks like the plan to demolish part of the existing building to bring it under the 465m maximum size failed as the planners didn’t consider the work involved in the demolition and building operations were reasonably necessary to convert the building.

I dare say there will be an appeal but if it is allowed it makes a mockery of having a restriction on the existing building size in the 1st place.

Remember – Objections have to be based on planning reasons

I see there were a lot of comments and objections to the application, unfortunately 99% of these weren’t valid as they didn’t apply to COUQ, fortunately the 1% counts though 😉

Next time you want to object to a planning application like this make sure you know the rules and how to object rather than just not liking what is proposed.

To those who don’t know how they play the game, getting the prior approval is just stage one, and can be followed up with by a full application completely different from what is 1st applied for.

Not suggesting that would have happened here though, make up your own mind based on your own research 😉

Comments welcome, especially from other Honington residents.

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