Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Fridge

I must admit I’m not really much of a wine enthusiast, tend to just buy it when I want it, so wine storage isn’t really that a big deal to me.

recently though I was offered a couple of crates of wine which is supposedly a far better quality than the stuff I usually drink and when asked if I had anywhere to store it was laughed at when I said I could make room in the fridge.

The guy who was sending it to me started talking about storing wine and that ideally it should be cellared at about 13°C, should be kept as still as possible, at around 70% humidity level and out of direct sunlight.

He said if I don’t have a wine cellar that I should get a Wine Cooler or Wine Cabinet

When asking why a fridge wasn’t really suitable he tried to explain that standard fridges are too cold, the humidity isn’t ideal and the constant opening and closing that a fridge gets throughout the day isn’t good for wine storage, one other point he mentioned was that if I intended keeping my wine cooler in an unheated room I should look at wine coolers with both cooling and heating functions

Summing Up The Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Fridge

  1. A Wine Cooler stores wine at a higher temperature than a standard fridge
  2. Quality Wine Coolers tend to have better anti vibration controls than standard fridges
  3. Specific Wine Cooler have both heating and cooling functions enabling them to be located in unheated locations
  4. Wine Coolers tend to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than standard fridge with free standing versions that look attractive in any room of the home not just the kitchen
  5. The temperature in quality Wine Coolers tend to be far more consistent than standard fridges often with a + or – temperature range of less than 1.5°C
  6. The humidity level in purpose built Wine Coolers is given more consideration that standard fridges
  7. The shelving in Wine Coolers is specifically designed for wine bottles giving you a far greater bottle capacity than a standard fridge
  8. There are a range of Wine Coolers that are available with dual temperature compartments which enable you to keep some bottles at a ready to serve temperature whilst storing others in optimum wine storage conditions

Having discovered the main difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge my next little task was to do a bit of research on wine coolers – Boy what a minefield!

I soon discovered that if you wanted a small sized wine cabinet (similar to an under counter fridge) the prices varied from around £150 to £1500+ for things that to the non expert looked very similar.

With the taller wine cabinets (upright fridge freezer size) the price difference was even greater with prices ranging from £300 to £3,000+

I decided it’s not really the sort of product to buy online without seeing 1st or speaking to a wine storage expert about so decided that next week I might try and find some time to visit a wine coolers showroom.

Wine Cooler Showroom

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