How to Make Your Own Coronavirus Mask

With Coronavirus Masks in short supply in the shops SBVD have created these tips on how to make a coronavirus mask

Tips on How to Make a Coronavirus Mask

These independent tips have been devised by SBVD

Tools and Materials Required to Make a Coronavirus Mask

50cm of string (slightly elasticated) – 50cm x 50cm of material – strong alcohol

Making a Coronavirus Mask

  • Soak material in alcohol (allow to dry)
  • Hold the material in front of your face
  • Punch hole in both sides of material approx. 20mm from the edge at each ear
  • Thread string through the holes, and tighten behind head
  • Adjust material so it is covering your mouth and face but is comfortable

Wash mask and soak with alcohol regularly

Note: mask only offers basic protection from COVID-19 Virus

How to make a COVID-19 Mask Coronavirus Mask

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FAQ about Coronavirus Masks

Answers to common questions about making a coronavirus mask to help combat the COVID-19 Virus

how to make face masks for corona virus?

Hold material in front of your face.
Thread string through the holes, and tighten behind head.
1:12 – Adjust material so it is covering your mouth and face but is comfortable.

What is the best material for a Coronavirus Mask?

Brushed cotton soaked in 60% alcohol.

How much is a coronavirus mask template?

Free from reputable coronavirus websites.

Are Coronavirus Mask available in different sizes?

Yes, small, medium or large.

Should we wear a Coronavirus Mask when shopping?

Yes, try to wear a coronavirus mask whenever out in public.

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  8. Do you have a video of how to make a coronavirus mask? I’d love to find out some additional information.

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