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You’ve been asked not to – You’ve been told not to – Would you like to be forced not to?

Listen to the advice – FFS


You have been asked not to – You have been told not to – Would you like to be forced not to?

Listen to the advice – If the Government ask you to self isolate – Do It now – before you are forced to do it.

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Listen to the advice

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  1. This Coronavirus is way out of hand, only because people are not listening, especially the young. I believe if the government would lock everyone down for about one month, this virus would die. I have rather stay at home for a month than to continue to be afraid to go out of my house for the rest of my life. Because it takes this virus up to two weeks before anyone even knows they have it.At lease in one month the people that are going to break out with it hopefully will have common sense to stay in and away from anyone so it wouldn’t be pass from person to person. We all need to do this as a team. Have you rather for this to continue on and on till we end up like back in the depressing days. Think not, because if you think staying in for one month is bad, wait and see how much worse it’s going to be if we don’t listen. Also I hope when another virus breaks out the government will shut down all traveling and beaches, and large gatherings places so maybe, just maybe we won’t have another outburst like this.

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