What is Your Favourite Cheese? – The Truth Behind The Question

You may have seen your favourite celebrity being asked the question “What’s Your Favourite Cheese”

SBVD Look Deeper In to Question and Reveal What we Find

It apparently began with retired cheesemonger @JoeBangles11 asking celebrities what their favourite cheese is on Twitter.

What’s Your Favourite Cheese Conspiracy Theories

Since the launch of the What is your favorite cheese campaign though, conspiracy theorists have come up with a number of stories behind the slogan, we list some of these below [Disclaimer: we do not agree or disagree with any of these theories it is up to you to decide]

What is Your Favourite Cheese What's Your Favourite Cheese What's Your Favorite Cheese

What’s Your Favourite Cheese – The Results

Just what is the favourite chees of the celebrities – Results revealed below.

Coming soon…

What’s your favourite cheese?

Are you celebrity enough to answer the question?
If so, let us know in the comments below and we will pass on the results to @JoeBangles11

Joe Bangles Cheese – feel free to share your conspiracy theories about what is your favourite cheese with us.

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    1. You never asked me what mine was !
      Not celeb enough for you ? 🙁

      It’s Port Salut by the way

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