Buy Beach Markers Online – 2m Lightweight, Telescopic Beach Markers

Sorry – due to popular demand we have sold out of all stock of 2m beach markers

New stock expected 8th June – For further information – Contact Us »

Lightweight, telescopic, 2m beach marker

Latest Beach Marker Reviews

“excellent service and excellent product, arrived just in time for our bank holiday trip”

Dominic C

“Fantastic, keeps the chavs out of our space”


“I initially wondered why the colouring was on the bottom until my daughter said I was holding it upside down, the instuctions could have been clearer. Apart from that it’s lovely – will you be making them in pink and puce?”


“The website says it is 2m long, mine was only 1.98m – very disappointed, had this been made in Scotland it would have complied”

Nicola S

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