Building Trust & Gaining Authority

A few years ago when Google Plus was still active Google were Working on something called Google Authorship

A number of marketers jumped on the concept that Google were working on a system that associated authors to the content they published on line in and attempt to evaluate the author and give them a Google Author Rank

There was an awful lot of rubbish written at the time and eventual Google scrapped the Google Authorship program.

Despite the scrapping of Google Authorship a number of people still thought that Google would be trying to establish who trusted authors were by using Google Delegated Authority Evaluation System

Jump forward a few years and Trust and Authority are still buzz words in the search community so we ask – If trust and authority are important to google – How to you gain trust and build authority?

The answer is pretty simple really – You have to 1st gain expert knowledge in the subject you are writing on and you then have to shout from the rooftops until others in the same field start listening to you and recognising that you truly are knowledgeable and not spouting nonsense.

The more people in your field who recognise that you are writing great and consistent content on the subject the more you gain trust, the more you gain authority and the more people come to you for a quote when they are writing similar topics.

No shortcuts, no trickery, just lots of hard work, ambition and not being afraid to put your head above the parapets.

This doesn’t mean being loud, obnoxious or smug, but equally you do yourself no favours if you are a shrinking violet.

Building Trust and Gaining Authority

Terry Simmonds

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