Free Business Advertising

Free Business Advertising The UK Small Business Directory has been providing Free Business Advertising since 2002 and now has in excess of 230,000 businesses listed. When registering in the UK Small Business Directory you are asked to provide your business location, contact details, a category you would like to be listed in, a list of […]

Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Fridge

Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Fridge I must admit I’m not really much of a wine enthusiast, tend to just buy it when I want it, so wine storage isn’t really that a big deal to me. recently though I was offered a couple of crates of wine which is supposedly a […]

UK Stairlift Suppliers Directory

Stairlift Suppliers Directory Find local listings in our Stairlift Suppliers Directory with our county search facility. Stairlifts County Search Stairlift Suppliers in Berkshire Stairlift Suppliers in Cardiff Stairlift Suppliers in Cheshire Stairlift Suppliers in Conwy Stairlift Suppliers in Cornwall Stairlift Suppliers in Cumbria Stairlift Suppliers in Denbighshire Stairlift Suppliers in Devon Stairlift Suppliers in Dorset […]

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Setting up a Google My Business Listing

Setting up a Google My Business Listing Google My Business is a free service provided by Google that effectively combines a business directory like service with Google Maps Creating a Google My Business listing is a reasonable simple process but it’s the detail that is important if you want your listing to appear in what […]

Orange Flower Blank Canvas Post

Blank Canvas Post A WordPress post using the SBVD blank canvas template. SBVD

Building Trust & Gaining Authority

Building Trust & Gaining Authority A few years ago when Google Plus was still active Google were Working on something called Google Authorship A number of marketers jumped on the concept that Google were working on a system that associated authors to the content they published on line in and attempt to evaluate the author […]

New SBVD Site Goes Live

New SBVD Site Goes Live Pleased to say the new website for SBVD has gone live today. We still have to add the content to it but that should hopefully be added soon.

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